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A Short Drama Film by Zack Batsaikhan

Never Let You Go

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"Never Let You Go" is a short drama film centers around a couple, spanning multiple time periods and focuses on individuals' reconciling love, mercy, feelings, emotions, exploration through past experiences, and beauty with the existence of tension.

One might say that a more conventional film would have assigned a plot to these characters and made their motivations more clear. But while I was directing this visual representation of a tiny fraction of my imagination, I didn't want to make what people wanted to see, I wanted to ask questions, and I wanted to let go of something with "Never Let You Go".

— The Director

Written and Directed by Zack Batsaikhan

Starring Eduardo Rubio and Yessica Davila

Produced by Frederick Thompson and Zack Batsaikhan

Music by Jesse Chui (Music for Cinema)

Edited by Zack Batsaikhan © 2013. Filmed using Nikon D7000, a light reflector, and a tripod. Edited on Final Cut Pro.